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Puffersquad NFT

To start with, PufferSquad is a business created by Fugu Nation, a digital agency. Fugu Nation decided to make an NFT project out of this business and thus came out with a collection of 5,555 unique pufferfish collectibles, and usable art, residing on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection is composed of; 10 various skin tones, 40 emotions, 47 attributes, and 219 traits.  

Owning a PufferSquad NFT gives you the opportunity to earn passive income, through selling trademarked sticker packs, on the condition that the holder has ownership of 3 or more NFT’s, as well as selling GIF’s that can be used for personal and marketing purposes. Both campaigns are accessible on our platform. You are also able to create merchandise, placing the face of your puffer on any item you choose.

Using your PufferSquad NFT, you are able to customise and create physical merchandise that can all be sold on our platform to people from all over the world, and be paid in any currency desired, both in crypto currency and fiat. This can be achieved so long as you are limiting your item to the intellectual property of your NFT. Your puffer cannot be altered or changed, and must be utilized as is. 

In the PFS collection, there are 3 exclusive birth rights categories, which include; Legendary, Epic, and Rare. The Legendary birth right holds only 1 NFT, known as Primo, who was the first puffer created. The owner of Primo has the ability to create new colors, emotions and traits. Primo can create the V2 of PufferSquad NFT. The Epic birth right is composed of 6 puffers, and have the ability to create new emotions and traits. The Rare birth right is composed of 252 puffers, and have the ability to create new traits. These new creations that arise from holders who own a puffer with a birth right, can only occur if the colour, emotion, or trait, does not already exist. The Epic & Rare birth rights do not have the ability to create NFTs.

Holders are granted the right to vote regarding the direction of the project. Voting will represent the collective thoughts, opinions, and ideas that the holders may have, and allows all holders to have a voice in the decisions made. 1 NFT = 1 VOTE.

Puffersquad Boutique

If the sticker pack feature is disabled for you, this is because you do not have the minimum amount of Puffersquad NFT’s required. In order to make a sticker pack, a holder must have at least 3 puffers in their wallet.

You can use the PFS logo only if you are using it with your NFT visual (your Puffer). The Puffer you use must display its emotion and cannot be used not in its neutral expression. You cannot use the PufferSquad logo on its own.

If you have experienced an unfortunate situation with a particular seller, kindly locate the ‘Report” button on the sellers page. Please clearly make your complaint there and it will be assessed.


If you cannot find answer to your question in our FAQ, you can ask manually via the form we provide below.


If you cannot find answer to your question in our FAQ, you can ask manually via the form we provide below.



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